Photocopied Blow Out
2016 - ongoing
feature length film
in collaboration with Chinar Shah

Photocopied Blow Out presents a remade version of ‘Blow Out’, the 1981 film by Brian dePalma. To achieve this, each frame from a DVD copy of the film is printed using a photocopy machine, then re-scanned, and stitched together with the original soundtrack.

The film then functions as a remake of the original but without any alterations except to its visual surface. Featuring the same plot, the same actors, and the same sequences, Photocopied Blow Out raises questions around technological mediation, authorship, piracy, and creative labour.

The production of the film is ongoing and so far only 9000 of the 155449 frames have been reproduced. The next 30 minutes of the film will be produced with support from GENERATOR - a cooperative art production fund from Experimenter, Kolkata.