Sci-fi Drawings
series of drawings
edition of 3 + 2 AP
10 x 7 inches

"I do drawings every day but I never know what they're of."
- AVA VERSION 9.6 in Ex Machina, 2015

The images presented in Sci-fi Drawings are copies of drawings that originally appeared in popular commercial science fiction films. Within each of the selected films, the drawing was originally created by an artificial intelligence - most often a robot, but sometimes also an operating system.

Within these films the act of drawing performs a variety of roles - from expressing creativity to recording dreams - and serves as a way by which the artificial intelligence presents its proximity to humanity. My act of re-drawing these images becomes a way of bringing these diverse intentions and images under the authorship of a single individual - one that is human, but one that ultimately fails in representing the drawings even remotely as well as his A.I. counterparts.

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