Toi-Toys International iPhone Erasers 1 - 13
series of photographs
edition of 5 + 2 AP
9 x 7 inches

The photographs presented here are scans of erasers packaged and marketed by Toi-Toys International, a toy supplier and wholesaler based in the Netherlands. Amongst the many products digitally produced and sold by this company are these erasers, that display the officially released screenshot image of the iPhone OS 2 - the first iOS to introduce the App Store, a feature that went on to completely change the history of mobile technology and communications.

Frozen in time, at 9:42 AM (the time when Steve Jobs first publically announced the iPhone in 2007), the screenshot reproduced upon these erasers historically indexes a moment of technological shift - one that occurred over 12 years ago. Although completely obsolete as an OS, the image of this previous technology continues to circulate inscribed in popular cultural forms such as these, folding in the idea of technology as both the gadget and the gimmick.