royalty-free chroma-key green
4 channel video loop
02:40; 04:25; 02:50; 03:00

royalty-free chroma-key green brings together four looping videos featuring clips extracted from sample videos downloaded from different stock image websites. Extracted from a wide range of stock videos, the clips present a blank green background, designated to be filled in with the replacement of one’s choice during post-production. In the original videos, these blank screens are visible only momentarily, before they are backgrounded by their actual subjects - usually unambiguous actors performing a range of equally unambiguous roles and actions.

Extracted and isolated, in these video loops, the green screen backgrounds remain empty, but start to foreground themselves as a notional colour - one that is a conceptual impossibility - more an idea than a fixed entity.

Foregrounded also are the watermarking standards (and in some cases, their modifications over time) employed by the four different royalty-free image companies - shutterstock, getty images, pond5, and depositphotos. 

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